Ms Sharon Yeo

Ms Sharon is among one of our longest serving Instructor and has been instructing Hip Hop at our studios since we first began back in May 2011 at SAFRA Yishun.  
Besides Hip Hop, Ms Sharon is also trained in a number of dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Salsa. In addition to teaching dance for the past decade, Ms Sharon is also an avid dancer herself with more than 18 years of dance experience where she has undertaken various commercial performances, and participated in dance musicals and dramas. She is also a registered dance instructor with the Ministry of Education and is experienced in teaching students ranging from pre-schoolers to retirees.
Her commitment to delivering quality dance education subsequently prompted her to pursue and complete various relevant dance qualifications, some of which are the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Hip Hop Level 5 Certification, the NIE certified Essentials of Teaching and Learning (Arts Education), as well as Working and Facilitating the Learning of Children with Special Needs in the Arts.
For her approach to teaching, Ms Sharon believes in developing awareness, consciousness and independent learners, not just in dance but in life as well. She endeavours to understand every student’s learning style through open communication and appropriate challenges.