Sincere teachers and management, they are here for the children. Miss Ada used her own spare time to get make up and accessories in preparation for Thea's jazz competition. Miss Book is ever-encouraging and positive, she has changed Thea's attitude towards ballet from nonchalant to absolute enthusiasm. Mr. and Mrs. Ng sincerely just want to ensure the kids have the best experience; both in learning as well as having pure childish fun. With this kind of relationship and friendship forged, Thea has called StepUp her second home. Thanks for all your hard work!

Adeline Koh

Pleasant place to send your children for dance lesson. Miss Book has been coaching my daughter since she was 3 years old. She has been very patient and passionate about teaching. My daughter is very moody and sometimes acting up during lesson. However Miss Book keeps in encouraging her to dance. Thank you so much Miss Book.

As for my first Daughter, she has been sharing how lovely Miss Rachael is. And I can see that miss Rachael is very passionate about teaching. It has been an enjoyable 3 years seeing her teaching Anya. Thank you miss Rachel.

Cornelia Interesa

1) Dedicated instructors who patiently guide the students. 

2) Very informative Showcases held Termly to keep parents abreast of the happening in class and  student's learning progress. 

3) High standard Ballet Recital which provides opportunity for students to perform.

Thank you StepUp!

Sandra Soh

Ms Sharon & staff: Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts to coach our boys for their Hip Hop lessons, Showcases and Performances!! The boys love the experiences alot and enjoyed themselves tremendously! Keep up the excellent work!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Alvin Lee

Great Teachers and staff! My Daughter just joined in January this year and she looks forward to every class! The recital was awesome! Really look forward to more performances like this to showcase the children’s talent! Special thanks to Miss Angela for being a great teacher to Natra! Thank you so much!

Nayrafizanatra Emilyemyra

Rachel enjoys her Sat ballet class and always look forward to the class. Over the last 1 year, her posture and movement has seen improvement and was happy to be selected to join the Performing Group. Although the training is intensive, she is always smiling after the sessions. Great work by the Ms Angela and Mrs Ng who are always so passionate!

Edmund Soh

The school offers flexibility if the kids wish to participate in Exam, Competition or Performance. They offer an equal chance to every kid instead of only selecting the good ones. Ms Book's class is fun and professional, all the kids love her very much. Feel so fortunated of starting my girl's dance journey with StepUp and Ms Book. Will definitely recommend to friends and relatives.

Yaqi Li

My son Jayren has being in this school for about a year plus. What can I say? If he loves dancing, so i support!

This is a wonderful place for children like my son that enjoy dance. The teacher is great. I believe dancing is not only about how to move your body, it helps to build their confidence and work together as a team.

If your children really want to learn dancing, what are you waiting for?

Jeffrey Ng